Care babies

Features and Benefits
Sterilized by EO
Protect key to avoid accidental triggering
Undetachable safety catch prevents from accidental swallowing by babies
Easy to use
Non-slip design
Ergonomics streamlining design
Precision puncture place control
Fast Recovery
Arc cutting blade for small wound
Instructions for Use

  • Why does the puncture site bleed several hours after blood collection?

    Incorrect method of pressing the puncture site after blood collection or poor coagulation mechanism may cause bleeding at the puncture point.
    1.After blood collection, the foot should be elevated above the body, then press the puncture site with a sterile cotton pad or cotton ball at least for 30~60s.
    2.Do not remove the cotton pad or cotton ball to observe the bleeding status or release your fingers during pressing. 
    3.Do not take a shower or bath within 24 or 48 hours after blood collection.

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