Automated Retraction Technologe, Eliminate Contaminated Needle Exposure

Not only does Verisafe® eliminate the exposure to contaminated needles, but saves sharps disposal space. Verisafe®, not just safer for you and your patients.

Features and Benefits
The needle automatically retracts into the barrel from the patients' skin which eliminates the risk of exposure to the contaminated needle and dramatically reduces accidental needle stick injuries.
Easy, One-hand Activation
Activate retraction mechanism just with one action—continually depressing the plunger that arrives at the last scale line to the end. The intuitive mechanism requires minimal training.
The backward resistance of Verisafe® needle seat is 50% higher than that of competitive products to avoid accidental activation during transportation or drawing liquid.
Special construction design ensures successful activation after all medication has been dispensed.
Less Sharps Disposal Space
The size of used Verisafe® Auto Retracting Syringes is smaller due to its needle retracts into the barrel after activation, which requires less sharps disposal space.

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