More Reliable, More Comfortable

The Qint-Tip is specially designed for smoother and gentler injection to ease the pain. Now Verifine® Plus Pen Needle (five-bevel) is available! Recommend it to your patients today!

Features and Benefits
More comfortable
Five-bevel technology eases penetration to reduce pain
Flat needle base enlarges the contact surface with skin to improve comfort when injection
Super silicon oil, "SuperStick" oil adhesive technology and dual silicone coating technology facilitate penetration with almost painless experience
More Reliable
Flat needle base reduces the difference in target injection depth caused by applied press force, thereby reducing the risk of intramuscular injection
Easier to Use
Wider outer cover is easier to grip and connect it to insulin pens
Wider inner needle shield is easier to grip and remove before injection
Environment Friendly
Reduce about 10%+ stainless steel to save raw material
Pen Compatibility

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